6.1 Hemi Long Block

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6.1 Hemi Long Block

from 3,900.00

Complete rebuilt 6.1L Hemi. Our process starts with disassembly we then thoroughly clean, inspect, and measure all components. We pressure test all blocks and heads. We then machine on top of the line cutting edge machines. Our standard machining includes:

  • Pressure testing for cracks
  • Boring on CNC mill and honing cylinders
  • Plateau honing for moly rings on Sunnen cylinder king CV-616
  • True decking block square with crankshaft on CNC mill
  • Line honing main bores with Sunnen hone
  • Reconditioning connecting rods
  • Cleaning parts with a combination of thermal cleaning, soda blasting, and hot tank spray washing
  • Resurfacing heads on CNC mill
  • Multi angle valve job (3 or more) on Winona Van Norman VSGX seat and guide machine.
  • Professional assembly including setting all clearances to our spec (much more precise than factory)

We also use top of the line parts and replace:

  • New pistons
  • Rings
  • Bearings
  • Gaskets
  • Seals
  • Oil pump
  • timing chain

Popular upgrades would include:

  • Computerized spin balancing
  • Performance camshaft and lifters
  • High performance radius valve job
  • Cylinder head porting
  • Forged pistons
  • Custom tuning
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