502 Mag MPI Upgrade to 500+ hp

502 Mag MPI Upgrade to 500+ hp

from 8,900.00

Bring in your 502 Mag for our high performance upgrade package! This package includes the following:

  • Completely reworked rectangle port heads

  • Stage 1 port and polish

  • New stainless steel valves

  • New PAC double valve springs

  • Custom ground roller camshaft

  • High performance roller lifters

  • Custom forged pistons (we build this motor with increased compression and flat top pistons for increased power)

  • Custom tune flashed on your ECU

  • Roller rocker arms

  • New chromoly pushrods

  • Dyno tested and tuned

High Torque Marine Starter:
Stainless Marine Exhaust System:
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