Promo & Sales

(please call to confirm any sale pricing is still current)


Limited Time Promo Dyno Tuning: Chassis Dyno Tuning Special 

$300 flat rate for stock or mildly modified vehicles (basic bolt-ons)*

$500 for heavily modified vehicles (cam/heads/etc, stroker engines)*

$800 for all artificially aspirated engines (supercharged, turbocharged, nitrous)*

* Prices do not include license/programmer fees

(Remember we have a nitrous filling station and race fuel on site)

All tunes will be a quick “aggressive street” tune. For a race tune or “Max HP” tune pricing will be $180 per hour.

Must call to set up appointment, please mention this promo and gives us the details about your ride as exclusions and limitations may apply.

This promo will be valid for as long as it is posted on our website, we reserve the right to cancel this promotion at any time.