Darton LS MID Sleeve Block

darton ls block.jpg
darton ls block.jpg

Darton LS MID Sleeve Block

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Darton MID wet sleeves already installed in a block ready to go. We use LS2/3/7 and new 5.3L blocks due to the longer sleeve length.

Machine Block for 1/2" Studs (includes ARP stud kit):
Have core block?:
Include ARP main stud kit:
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Service includes:

  • CNC machining block to accept MID wet sleeves.

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  • Bore and torque plate hone to finished bore size (4.125” is standard but sleeves can be bored up to 4.200”).

  • Deck block.

  • Line Hone main bores. (if you purchase ARP main studs through us we use them to line hone the block)

  • Clean block.

  • Install cam bearings, galley plugs, and coolant plugs.

  • Price includes parts- MID sleeves, cam bearings, freeze plug kit.