Darton LS MID Sleeve Service

darton ls block.jpg
darton ls block.jpg

Darton LS MID Sleeve Service

from 2,600.00

Have Darton sleeves installed in your block. We can do this to any aluminum LS block but the LS2/3/7 and new 5.3L blocks are the best due to the longer sleeve length.

Machine Block for 1/2" Studs:
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Service includes:

  • CNC machining block to accept MID wet sleeves.

darton ls block cnc.jpg
  • Bore and torque plate hone to finished bore size (4.125” is standard but sleeves can be bored up to 4.200”).

  • Deck block.

  • Clean block.

  • Install cam bearings, galley plugs, and coolant plugs.

  • Price includes parts- MID sleeves, cam bearings, freeze plug kit.